Mark Roemer Oakland Reveals Amazing Potluck Party Themes


Mark Roemer Oakland knows that a potluck is an ideal choice if you want to host but aren’t much of a cook yourself. You will only be responsible for supplying a few essentials, such as plates, utensils, glasses, and possibly one or two dishes. After that, the remaining labor will be completed by your partygoers on your behalf. But what if your pals aren’t passionate about the kitchen like you are? In this situation, select a theme for the potluck that will be simple for everyone, regardless of how experienced they are in the kitchen (or lack thereof). The next time you throw a party, give one of these five easy-to-implement potluck themes a shot.

Comfort Food

Macaroni and cheese. Meatloaf. French fries. There’s a good reason why certain foods are referred to as “comfort food.” They are the foods you remember from your youth, and even today, as an adult, they continue to provide comfort. Invite all of your friends over and tell them to bring their go-to dish for a cozy night in. It doesn’t even have to be something you made yourself. Make sure your visitors know that even if they bring store-bought brownies, they will still be awarded brownie points.


Avoid asking for complete entrees if you want to keep things as straightforward as possible. Instead, have everyone bring a snack or goodie to nosh on while you are together for the evening. You risk getting a strange assortment of bites, but doing so is part of the enjoyment. Your friends should bring a dessert or an appetizer, so there is a decent mix of savory and sweet flavors in the dish. The rest is up to them to decide.


If your crew enjoys trying new foods, take advantage of the opportunity to mix things up at the potluck. You may choose a meal from a cuisine that is currently popular, such as that of Vietnam, Ethiopia, or Thailand, and then ask everyone to bring a dish that is representative of that culture. If you don’t want to get quite that precise with your cuisine, you might ask everyone to bring an entrée or an appetizer from a different nation. It may be something like tacos, pho, or curry. It doesn’t matter what kinds of foods you put on your dinner table as long as there is a lively and colorful assortment.


Salads that are cool and refreshing are always a fantastic choice to make in the middle of summer. You can’t go wrong with a salad-only potluck, especially if your group members aren’t very interested in cooking. In addition to the traditional green salad, allow the attendees to the party to produce grain salads, fruit salads, and even egg salad or chicken salad. It is essential to encourage originality to avoid having a boring range of conventional salads.


Because it is simple to prepare and even simpler to transport, the casserole is the perfect food to bring to a potluck because of its convenience. Invite your guests to bring their favorite casseroles to the party. These might be traditional dishes like lasagna and shepherd’s pie, or they can be more innovative creations like cinnamon French toast casserole or Mexican vegetarian casserole encrusted with crushed tortilla chips. It is a good idea to encourage the guests of your party to search Pinterest for original ideas to prevent having the same thing happen more than once, but they should also be aware that they do not need to invent the wheel. It is advised that you make simple casseroles. A valuable piece of advice is to preheat your oven before everyone arrives so that it is ready to go in case anyone needs to reheat a casserole.


Mark Roemer Oakland hopes you have enjoyed the above list and find it helpful next time you are having a themed party.

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