4 Popular Ways To Place Your Living Room Rugs So They Look Awesome!

It’s always fun when you’re shopping for new living room rugs and find the one of your dreams, but that’s just the first step of implementing your new area rug into your home. The next, and arguably harder, step is to properly place it within your existing home décor.

Hopefully you’ve planned out this placement prior to your purchase, but you’ll always have plenty of options available to you that can make your new living room rug truly shine.

So, below are four popular ways that people place their living room rugs and help them look awesome!

All Furniture Legs On The Area Rug

One really aesthetic way to utilize a new living room rug is to place it directly underneath some or all of your furniture pieces. This means that all the legs of your living room furniture will rest on top of the new area rug.

In many scenarios, this design technique requires a relatively large area rug in order to take up enough space and fit the furniture in without looking too crammed. This is also a good design option if your living room has any floating furniture, which means the furniture isn’t resting up against any walls.

Putting all of your furniture legs on top of your new living room rug will create a sense of unity within your ambience, and it can also clearly define your living room area in an open floor plan.

Only The Front Furniture Legs On The Rug

This rug placement technique is wildly popular, and it’ll include only the front legs of your furniture pieces resting on top of your new living room rug. One thing to keep in mind with this design idea is that it’ll look a lot better if you place an ottoman or coffee table in between the furniture as the room’s centerpiece.

Your side tables, chairs, sofas and other tables will then be partially placed on top of the rug in a way that allows for them to hang a few inches off the rug’s edges. This is a good design method if you want the majority of your rug to be easily seen while you’re walking around it, because this will provide for more open space.

When you want to implement this placement, you’ll have to pay extra close attention to your new rug’s size. Going too big will make your living room aesthetics seem a bit awkward, and going too small could make the room feel overcrowded.

Coffee Table On Top Of Your New Rug

Another interesting rug placement technique would be to invest in a smaller area rug, possibly even a runner rug, and put this rug underneath your living room’s coffee table. This would mean the rug and the coffee table work together to be the centerpiece within your room, and this is generally a good option for smaller living rooms and narrower spaces.

Small living room rugs are also a good option if you just so happen to love your home’s floors. Maybe you have unique tile floors or great hardwood that you don’t want to cover up too much, and in these scenarios, smaller living room rugs can help make the space appear less empty while also making your living room appear larger!

Round Rug Arrangements

Round rugs are incredibly unique and offer a modern, unconventional approach to living room designs. Round rugs have been growing in popularity throughout the United States and abroad in recent years, and these rugs are a great option when you also have other rounded elements within your living room décor.

Round rugs can also be used to highlight certain parts of your living room, like reading nooks and window areas. This can help differentiate parts of your living room, and ultimately create a more cohesive design.

Contact The Industry Specialists At Rug Source To Learn More About Placing Living Room Rugs!

There’s a lot to love about shopping for living room rugs, but actually placing your new living room rug can sometimes be easier said than done.

That’s why you’ll always be much better off collaborating with industry specialists who can take a quick look at a picture of your living room and let you know what might work best.

The Rug Source team is one of the very best when it comes to online rug shopping customer service, and their experts are just a few clicks away when you go to the hyperlink located at the top of this article!

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